Leigh Ellen

Over the years managing ParentingWithHumility.com, I have become a car seat enthusiast that even after using child seats for my children in their early growing years I still have that fresh experience of what to look out for in a car seat and other baby products such as strollers, cribs, etc. I can call myself a car seat expert and you'd agree with me.Moreso, beyond just car seats or strollers, I love educating upcoming mothers in the area of parenting, particularly in areas of pregnancy, breastfeeding and motherhood. I will call myself an expertise in this area again because after gaining personal experience in this beautiful journey of womanhood, what more can I not understand from what other expectant mothers can experience. And so, I put my interest to that area of writing, seeing to make ParentingWithHumility a go-to guide spot for any area of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and motherhood.On the other hand, my inspiration is spurn out of the enthusiasm in research and writing. In the world of today where information abounds at your fingertips, how accurate could this information be?I go beyond just my personal experience to curate interesting topics that pertain to my areas of interest and build my expertise around researching and reporting on acurate information from medical journals, research reports, clinical studies, and expert writing from professionals in the field.Welcome on here as you journey through parenthood in understanding about your pregnancy, breastfeeding, buying safety restraints and other baby products, and in general, motherhood.Welcome hereon as you read my written articles.

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