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Eliana Name Meaning: Hebrew, Biblical, Spiritual & More

Eliana Overview

  •     Meaning: “God has answered me.”
  •     Gender: Female
  •     Origin: Hebrew
  •     Pronunciation: eh-lee-AH-nah or ee-LYAH-nah
  •     Popularity: Eliana ranked as the 99th most popular name for girls in the United States in 2020.
  •     In Hebrew: אֱלִיעַנָה
  •     Biblical verse: No specific biblical verse mentions the name Eliana.
  •     Spiritual meaning: Eliana has a spiritual connotation as it means “God has answered me.”
  •     Nicknames:  Ellie, Ana, Liana
  •     Variations: Elianna, Elianah, Elyana, Elyanna

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Eliana Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Eliana is of Hebrew origin, meaning “My God has answered.” It combines two Hebrew words: “El,” meaning God, and “Ana,” meaning answered.

The name first gained popularity in the United States in the early 2000s and has since remained a favorite among parents. Eliana is often considered a modern alternative to more traditional biblical names like Esther or Ruth.

Eliana Name Pronunciation

The name Eliana is pronounced, “el-ee-ah-nah.” It is a four-syllable name with a stress on the second syllable and the “a” sound pronounced as “ah.”.

It is a beautiful name that rolls off the tongue effortlessly, which makes it an attractive choice for your baby girl.

Eliana Name Meaning Hebrew

In Hebrew, Eliana means “my God has answered” or “the Lord has responded.” The Hebrew spelling is אֱלִיעַנָה and combines two Hebrew words: “El,” which means God, and “ana,” which implies answer or respond.

The name is often used to express the idea of God answering prayers. Eliana is often given to girls as a tribute to God’s response to their parents’ prayers for a child.

Biblical Meaning of the Name Eliana

Eliana is not a name found in the Bible. However, the name does have a connection to biblical themes and concepts. The Hebrew words that make up the name Eliana, “El,” and “ana,” are used frequently in the Bible.

The word “El” appears in the Bible as a name for God and is also used to describe God’s power and might. “Ana,” on the other hand, is a verb that means to answer or respond. In the Bible, God is often depicted as a responsive and answering deity who hears the cries of his people and responds to their prayers.

The name Eliana, therefore, carries with it the idea of a God who hears and answers prayers. It is a name that reminds us of the importance of prayer and the belief that God is a God who responds to the needs of his people.

Who is Eliana in the Bible?

As previously mentioned, Eliana is not a name that appears in the Bible. However, there are several biblical figures whose names share similarities with Eliana. These include:

  • Elijah – a prophet in the Old Testament known for his fiery zeal and role in turning the hearts of the people back to God.
  • Elisha – was Elijah’s successor and performed many miracles and is known for healing the sick.
  • Eli – a high priest in the Old Testament who served in the tabernacle and was the mentor of the prophet Samuel.
  • Anna – a prophetess in the New Testament who recognized Jesus as the Messiah and praised God for his salvation.

Spiritual Meaning of the Name Eliana

Eliana is associated with a strong spiritual meaning, as it is believed to symbolize the idea that God has answered the prayers of parents who have chosen the name for their child. It is a name that carries with it a sense of divine grace and favor, which can be a source of comfort and inspiration for those who bear the name.

Eliana Nicknames

Eliana is a beautiful name that doesn’t necessarily need a nickname. However, several nicknames can be used for Eliana, including:

  • Ellie – a cute and playful nickname that is easy to pronounce and remember.
  • Ana – a shortened version of the name that emphasizes the “ana” sound.
  • Liana – a name that emphasizes the second half of the name.

Eliana Name Variations

The name Eliana has several variations in different languages and cultures. Some of the popular variations of the name Eliana are:

  • Eliane: French variation of Eliana
  • Elianna: A variation of Eliana that is commonly used in the United States
  • Elaina: A variation of Eliana that is derived from the Greek name Helen
  • Elyana: A variation of Eliana that is widely used in Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Iliana: a variation of the name commonly used in Eastern Europe and Latin America.
  • Eleana – a variation of the name that is spelled differently but pronounced the same.

Middle Name for Eliana

When choosing a middle name for Eliana, it is vital to consider the flow and sound of the name when spoken aloud.

On the other hand, a middle name can add to the uniqueness and beauty of the name, making it sound even more special.

Some great middle name options for Eliana include Rose, Grace, Faith, Hope, and Marie. These middle names all have lovely meanings and sound great with Eliana.

Sibling Names for Eliana

 If you are looking to pair Eliana with a sibling’s name, several options will work well together.

For example, pairing Eliana with a shorter, one-syllable name like James or Claire creates a pleasing contrast.

Alternatively, you could choose another name that ends in an “a” sound, like Isabella or Olivia.

Famous People with the Name Eliana

Some famous people who have borne the name Eliana include: 

Eliana Michaelichen Bezerra: Brazilian TV host and businesswoman

Eliana Ramos: a Brazilian actress, singer, and TV host

Eliana Benador: a Swiss-American publicist and political consultant

Eliana Pittman: a Brazilian singer and actress

Eliana Gil Rodriguez: a Spanish politician and member of the Spanish Parliament

Eliana Tornato: an Argentine Olympic fencer

Eliana Alexander: Israeli-American actress.

Eliana Cuevas: a Latin Jazz musician,

Eliana Burki: a Swiss alphorn player.

Eliana Meaning in other Cultures and Languages

Eliana is a name that transcends borders and cultures. It is a name that has been used in different parts of the world and has different meanings.

Eliana Name Meaning Greek

In Greek, the name Eliana means “daughter of the sun.” This interpretation of the name is fitting, given that the Greek god Helios was associated with the sun.

Eliana Name Meaning Italian

In Italian, Eliana is a derivative of Elena and means “bright, shining one.” This interpretation of the name is fitting, given the root meaning of Eliana in Hebrew.

Eliana Name Meaning in Latin

In Latin, the name Eliana means “my God has answered.” This interpretation of the name is fitting, given the spiritual connotations associated with the name.

Eliana Name Meaning in Spanish

In Spanish, the name Eliana is a derivative of Elena and means “shining light.” This interpretation of the name is similar to its meaning in Italian.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a name for your child is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. Selecting a name that reflects your values, beliefs, and hopes for your child’s future is essential.

Eliana is a beautiful and meaningful name with roots in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, and it has several positive associations, including God’s faithfulness, answered prayers, and light. It is also a name borne by several notable figures, including poets, musicians, and athletes.

Whether you choose to name your child Eliana because of its biblical roots, spiritual meaning, or cultural significance, it is a name that is sure to be a source of inspiration, strength, and joy for your family for years to come.

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