install infant car seat without base

How to Install Infant Car Seat Without Base

First time parent? Or trying out a new model of car seat for the first time?

It’s all right! It’s natural to have questions. It’s perfectly normal for parents to have numerous questions as raising a child can be overwhelming.

But not to worry, I gat you. ParentingWithHumility gat you always to guide you on your parenting needs and welfare.

How to install infant car seat without base is one of those questions that pop up from parents when dealing with installing their infant car seat.

The simple and straightforward answer is yes, you can install your baby car seat without the base and of course, it is perfectly safe as with the base also.

Next, I will move on to more details on how you can install your infant car seat without the base and also touch more aspects you’ll love to learn about.

install infant car seat without base

While the manual gives every guide on how to install a car seat, the same manual also guides you on how to install your infant car seat without the base.

That means, if the car seats that are manufactured to standard and by laid laws will give guide on how to install infant car seat without the base, that means it is legal.

This very question was asked on a baby forum some years ago (2015) and there were comprehensive answers from people.

It is therefore safe to say that since manufacture manual guides you on how to install without the base then it is legal to use a carseat without the base, but as long as the car seat is secured properly.

Is it important to learn how to install infant car seat without base?

The base of a car seat is mainly used in the car your baby spends the most time in, say dad’s or mom’s. In this case the base may be fixed in the car and the seat detached at convenience.

The base is more convenient for fitting to the latch or tether system in your car, subsequently fixing in your car seat and detaching it easily, at convenience.

However, it is practically not easy carrying about the base when you need to get on another vehicle, say for a temporary ride, say an uber, a cab or even on a flight.

For such situations, it is only an added advantage to learn how to install your baby’s car seat without the base.

In this scenario, you need to install the car seat using the vehicle’s safety belt which isn’t difficult to do as well.

Another reason why it may be important for you to learn this installation process would be that, as your child grows older, you’ll need to start installing their car seat with the vehicle’s safety belt once the weight of your child exceeds the limit of the LATCH system.

how to install infant car seat with seat belt without the base

Here’s a simple step by step guide

  • You Place your baby car seat, on the vehicle seat,
  • Then you pull out the seat belt and thread the seat belt through the lap belt section guide on the car seat.
  • Next, you put the shoulder belt portion through by making sure it lies flat across the guide area.
  • then you secure or buckle the safety belt in the belt path
  • you are to then pull down the shoulder belt to activate the lock system
  • double check to be sure the installation is tight by pushing the car seat and pulling the safety belt. The seat should be firm to confirm it is well secured.

Important points to note;

Your child should always be in a rear-facing car seat until he is be over 2 years. This type of car seat is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The center rear seat is also the safest place for a car seat for your baby.

This same rear-facing car seat is installed the same way without the base just as in the guideline.

Quick roundup to be sure everything’s right

Practice they say makes perfect. You would need to try this over and over a number of times to be sure you already got it.

At least this will safe you extra when you get on that uber or cab or just when the need arises any day.

On the other hand, you’ll want to be sure what you have done is the perfect installation.

Here is some quick roundup you can check on.

Making sure the harness is tight

You sure want to be sure the straps are really holding fit and firm.

The straps should be firm across your child’s chest and shoulders. But ensure they are still comfortable enough.

The chest clip

The chest clip should always be positioned right on your baby’s chest and not anywhere below, like the stomach region.

You don’t want your baby’s belly system been affected say in a car crash.

FAQs on how to install an infant seat without a base

frequently asked questions

Is installing car seat without base safe?

Definitely it is ideal to use your infant car seat with the base, but in a situation where you have to ride or travel in another, it is at least safer to still use just the car seat without the base than without a car seat at all.

More like the proverbial saying, half bread is better none.

Should car seat go behind driver or passenger?

Do note, the middle back seat is the safest place to install your baby’s car seat because there are no airbags at the back seat unlike the front passenger seat and is farther from the side doors also.

Otherwise, it is also okay at either behind the driver or passenger side, but preferably behind the passenger to ease carrying your baby when you park.

Can I put rear-facing baby seat in front of car?

It is NEVER recommended to put a rear-facing baby seat in the front seat especially if the front passenger airbag is activated. If the airbag gets inflated, the heavy pressure can hit the back of the car seat which is where your baby’s head is and could cause fatal injury.

Final Wrap Up

While there may still be more questions on your mind, I do hope this guide here has been able to help you on how to install infant car seat without the base.

For sure there are still more on your mind, it’s a great thing being a parent. Cheers to parenthood.

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