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Scarlett Name: Origin, Hebrew, Biblical & Spiritual Meaning

Scarlett Name Overview

  • Meaning: Bright red
  • Gender: female
  • Origin: English / Old French
  • Pronunciation: SKAHR-let
  • Popularity: Rising in popularity / Ranked #14 in the US in 2022
  • In Hebrew letters: סקרלט
  • Biblical verse: None
  • Spiritual meaning: Symbolizes passion, strength, and determination
  • Nicknames: Scar, Lettie, Scarly, Scottie, Red, Etta, Lottie, Carly
  • Variations: Scarlet, Scarlette, Scarla, Scarletta, Scarletrose,

Keep reading to learn more about the meaning, origin, and popularity of Scarlett, whether you are a parent choosing a name for your baby or an adult seeking to explore the depth of your name.

Scarlett name meaning, origin & popularity

The name Scarlett has a rich history that dates back to Old French, where it was used as a surname before it became a popular given name for girls. The name Scarlett is derived from the Old French word “escarlate,” which means “rich cloth” or “scarlet cloth.”

The color scarlet was a symbol of wealth and prestige during the Middle Ages, and the name Scarlett came to represent these qualities as well.

The name Scarlett can also be traced back to the English language, associated with the vivid hue of red. The name Scarlett carries a sense of passion, strength, and fiery energy. Symbolizing passion, strength, and fiery determination, Scarlett is often chosen to represent individuals with a bold and remarkable personality, those who stand out among the crowd.

In recent years, the name Scarlett has been steadily growing in popularity for baby girls, ranking #14 in 2022, its highest popular year in 10 years (it ranked #61 in 2012) according to Social Security Administration (USA).

popularity of name scarlett
{source: Social Security Administration}

It is also a popular name in other English-speaking countries, such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Parents are increasingly drawn to its powerful allure when selecting a name for their baby girls. With its timeless appeal and classic touch, Scarlett has become a favored choice among modern parents and those seeking a name that transcends generations.

Scarlett Name Pronunciation

The name Scarlett is pronounced as SKAHR-let. The emphasis is placed on the first syllable, and the “t” at the end is pronounced softly.

This straightforward and melodious pronunciation makes Scarlett easy to say and remember, further enhancing its overall appeal.

Scarlett Name Meaning Hebrew

In Hebrew, the name Scarlett is transliterated as סקרלט (Sekarlet). While Scarlett itself is not specifically mentioned in Hebrew or Jewish texts, the Hebrew language does not have an exact equivalent for the name. However, Hebrew-speaking individuals often choose names with similar meanings or qualities to capture the essence of the English name Scarlett.

The Hebrew language has a rich tapestry of words and concepts, and when exploring the meaning of the name Scarlett in Hebrew, we can draw connections to related terms and symbolic associations. One such term is “אדום” (pronounced “Adom“), which means “red” in Hebrew. The color red, which the name Scarlett represents, holds significant symbolism in Hebrew culture.

In Hebrew, red conveys vitality, passion, and even sacrifice. It is associated with powerful imagery, such as the blood of sacrifices or the thread of a scarlet cord. The color red holds both positive and negative connotations in Hebrew, representing life, love, and vitality, as well as warning signs and danger.

While there isn’t a direct translation of the name Scarlett in Hebrew, its association with the color red aligns it with these profound concepts. Individuals named Scarlett may carry a vibrant energy, a fiery determination, and a zest for life. They may embody qualities such as passion, courage, and a willingness to take risks.

Moreover, the name Scarlett in Hebrew can also be linked to the concept of transformation. In Hebrew culture, red represents the shedding of old ways and the embrace of new beginnings. Just as the color red is associated with the changing seasons and the turning of leaves, individuals named Scarlett may symbolize a journey of personal growth, resilience, and the ability to adapt to life’s challenges.

It is important to note that the meaning of Scarlett in Hebrew is not fixed or universally agreed upon. Hebrew-speaking individuals may have their own interpretations and associations based on personal and cultural perspectives. Nonetheless, the connection to red and its symbolic significance in Hebrew culture adds depth and resonance to the name Scarlett when considered in a Hebrew context.

Scarlett Name Meaning Biblical

Although the name Scarlett is not specifically mentioned in the Bible also, it can be interpreted through the biblical symbolism of the color red. In biblical times, red represented crucial concepts such as sacrifice, redemption, and transformation.

The color red appears numerous times throughout the Bible, often in relation to significant events or objects. One such example is the story of the Exodus, where the Israelites marked their doorposts with the blood of a lamb during the tenth plague.

This act of sacrifice and the use of red served as a sign for God to pass over their homes and spare them from the fate that befell the Egyptians. The connection between the blood, sacrifice, and protection resonates with the powerful essence of the name Scarlett, symbolizing strength, courage, and the ability to overcome adversity.

Additionally, the story of Rahab, found in the book of Joshua (Joshua 2:18-21 and Joshua 6:22-25), provides another biblical context for the meaning of the name Scarlett. Rahab, a harlot living in Jericho, aided the Israelite spies and made a pact with them for the safety of her family. As a sign, she was instructed to tie a scarlet cord in her window, which would distinguish her house from the rest of the city.

This scarlet cord served as a symbol of protection and salvation, ensuring the safety of Rahab and her loved ones when the city of Jericho was conquered. The scarlet thread represents faith, redemption, and the transformative power of God’s grace. The association with Rahab’s story adds depth and spiritual significance to the name Scarlett, highlighting its connection to faith, salvation, and divine protection.

While the specific name Scarlett may not be mentioned in these biblical stories, the symbolism and themes associated with the color red and its representation of sacrifice, redemption, and transformation resonate with the essence of the name. Individuals bearing the name Scarlett may be seen as having a strong sense of faith, courage, and resilience, embodying the biblical virtues demonstrated in these narratives.

Spiritual meaning of the name Scarlett

Beyond its biblical associations, the name Scarlett holds spiritual significance as well. It represents an individual’s ability to embrace passion, transformation, and resilience in the face of challenges. Those bearing the name Scarlett are believed to possess an inner fire, a driving force that propels them forward on their life’s journey.

In spiritual contexts, red is often linked to the root chakra, which is associated with stability, grounding, and vitality. Individuals connected to the name Scarlett are thought to have a well-balanced root chakra, enabling them to navigate life’s obstacles with unwavering strength and determination.

Furthermore, the name Scarlett symbolizes the acceptance of change and the journey toward self-discovery. Just as a caterpillar transforms into a vibrant butterfly, individuals named Scarlett are believed to possess the power to undergo personal growth and emerge as their authentic selves.

Scarlett Nicknames

The name Scarlett offers a variety of potential nicknames that can add a touch of familiarity and endearment to this already distinctive name. Here are some popular nicknames for Scarlett:

  1. Scar: This shortened version of Scarlett captures the essence of the name in a concise and edgy It conveys strength and individuality.
  2. Lettie: Derived from the end of the name, Lettie offers a softer and more whimsical alternative to the full name Scarlett. It has a charming and playful quality.
  3. Scarly: This affectionate nickname combines the beginning of Scarlett with a familiar ending, creating a sweet and endearing
  4. Scottie: Scottie is a gender-neutral nickname that can be used for Scarlett. It adds a touch of versatility while still maintaining a connection to the original name.
  5. Red: This nickname is inspired by the color that Scarlett represents. It highlights the vibrant and passionate nature associated with the name.
  6. Etta: This nickname draws from the ending of Scarlett and offers a more elegant and refined It carries a sense of sophistication and grace.
  7. Lottie: Lottie is a charming and vintage-inspired nickname for Scarlett. It adds a touch of nostalgia and evokes a sense of timeless beauty.
  8. Carly: Carly is a modern and friendly nickname that captures the essence of Scarlett while giving it a contemporary twist. It is a versatile and widely recognized nickname.

It’s important to note that nicknames can be highly individual and personal, often evolving naturally within close circles of family and friends. The choice of a nickname for Scarlett ultimately depends on personal preference and the unique connection between the individual and their loved ones.

When selecting a nickname for someone named Scarlett, it is always advisable to consider their own preferences and ensure that the chosen nickname aligns with their own sense of identity and comfort. Communication and mutual understanding are key in determining the most suitable and meaningful nickname for an individual named Scarlett.

Scarlett name variations

While the name Scarlett has its own unique charm, there are variations and alternative forms that offer different perspectives and cultural influences. Here are some variations of the name Scarlett:

  1. Scarlet: This variation maintains the same pronunciation and shares the same origin and meaning as Scarlett. The difference lies in the spelling, with “Scarlet” omitting the extra “t” at the end. This variation offers a simplified and slightly softer aesthetic while retaining the essence of the name.
  2. Scarlette: Adding an extra “e” to the end of the name creates the variation Scarlette. This variation adds a touch of femininity and elegance to the name, emphasizing its graceful qualities.
  3. Scarla: Scarla is a more unique and modern variation of the name Scarlett. It retains the essence of the original name while offering a distinct and unconventional twist.
  4. Scarletta: Adding an “a” at the end of the name gives rise to Scarletta. This variation adds a melodious and romantic flair to the name, offering a slightly more elaborate and intricate sound.
  5. Scarletrose: Combining the name Scarlett with the word “rose” creates the variation Scarletrose. This variation adds a floral element, symbolizing beauty and grace. It evokes a sense of enchantment and captures the imagination.

These variations allow for personalization and creativity while preserving the fundamental qualities associated with the name Scarlett. They provide options for individuals who seek a slightly different flair or wish to tailor the name to their preferences. Each variation carries its own unique charm, adding depth and versatility to the name’s overall appeal.

Middle name for Scarlett

Choosing a middle name for Scarlett opens up a world of possibilities to create a unique and meaningful name combination. A carefully selected middle name can complement the beauty and strength of the name Scarlett, adding depth and personal significance. Here are some ideas for middle names that pair well with Scarlett:

  1. Scarlett Elizabeth: Elizabeth is a timeless and elegant middle name that pairs beautifully with Scarlett. It exudes grace and sophistication, creating a name combination that is both classic and striking.
  2. Scarlett Rose: Rose is a delicate and romantic middle name that pairs effortlessly with Scarlett. It adds a touch of femininity and symbolism, evoking images of beauty and love.
  3. Scarlett Grace: Grace is a middle name that adds a sense of elegance and poise to the name Scarlett. It carries a spiritual and serene quality, complementing the strong and vibrant nature of Scarlett.
  4. Scarlett Amelia: Amelia is a melodic and charming middle name that pairs well with Scarlett. It adds a sense of warmth and grace to the name combination.
  5. Scarlett Victoria: Victoria is a regal and powerful middle name that pairs wonderfully with Scarlett. It brings a sense of strength and nobility, creating a name combination that is both majestic and memorable.
  6. Scarlett Abigail: Abigail is a name with biblical roots that pairs beautifully with Scarlett. It carries a sense of intelligence and kindness, adding depth and character to the name combination.
  7. Scarlett Penelope: Penelope is an enchanting and whimsical middle name that pairs well with Scarlett. It has a playful and adventurous quality, infusing the name combination with a touch of charm.
  8. Scarlett Olivia: Olivia is a popular and elegant middle name that complements the beauty and strength of Scarlett. It has a timeless appeal and adds a sense of sophistication to the name combination.

When choosing a middle name for Scarlett, it’s essential to consider personal preferences, family traditions, and the overall flow and harmony of the name combination. Exploring various options and finding a middle name that resonates with the individual’s unique identity can result in a unique and meaningful name combination.

Sibling Names for Scarlett

Choosing sibling names that complement the name Scarlett can create a harmonious and well-balanced family dynamic. While there are countless possibilities, here are some sibling name ideas that pair nicely with Scarlett:

  1. Amelia: Amelia is a timeless and elegant name that pairs beautifully with Scarlett. Scarlett and Amelia create a combination that is classic and sophisticated.
  2. Benjamin: Benjamin is a strong and traditional name that complements the boldness of Scarlett. The combination of Scarlett and Benjamin strikes a balance between strength and grace.
  3. Gabriel: Gabriel is a biblical name with a gentle and angelic quality. Paired with Scarlett, it creates a combination that blends strength and spirituality.
  4. Isabella: Isabella is a name of beauty and elegance, mirroring the grace and charm of Scarlett. Together, they form a harmonious pairing that exudes sophistication.
  5. Nathaniel: Nathaniel is a classic and refined name that pairs well with Scarlett. The combination of Scarlett and Nathaniel evokes a sense of timeless appeal and strong character.
  6. Olivia: Olivia is a popular and graceful name that complements the beauty and vibrancy of Scarlett. Together, they create a duo that is both stylish and captivating.
  7. Sebastian: Sebastian is a strong and charismatic name that pairs wonderfully with Scarlett. The combination of Scarlett and Sebastian exudes confidence and individuality.
  8. Violet: Violet is a name with a delicate and whimsical nature. Paired with Scarlett, it creates a combination that is both enchanting and full of personality.

Also, when choosing sibling names for Scarlett, just like middle names and nicknames, it’s important to consider factors such as sound, style, and personal preference. Some families may prefer names with similar origins, themes, or cultural significance. In contrast, others may opt for names that contrast and create a diverse range of styles within the family.

Ultimately, the goal is to select sibling names that not only complement Scarlett but also create a cohesive and loving bond among the siblings.

Famous People with the Name Scarlett

The name Scarlett has graced the lives of several notable individuals, from actors to musicians, adding to its allure and prominence. Here are some famous people who bear the name Scarlett:

  1. Scarlett Johansson: One of the most well-known bearers of the name, Scarlett Johansson is a versatile and critically acclaimed actress. She has starred in numerous successful films, showcasing her talent and earning several awards and nominations throughout her career.
  2. Scarlett Pomers: Scarlett Pomers is an actress and musician known for her role as Naomi Wildman on the television series “Star Trek: Voyager.” She has also appeared in various other television shows and films, leaving a lasting impression with her performances.
  3. Scarlett Byrne: Scarlett Byrne is an English actress who gained recognition for her portrayal of Pansy Parkinson in the Harry Potter film series. She has also appeared in television shows such as “The Vampire Diaries” and “Falling Skies.”
  4. Scarlett Alice Johnson: Scarlett Alice Johnson is a British actress known for her roles in television series such as “EastEnders” and “Skins.” She has demonstrated her acting prowess through diverse and engaging performances.
  5. Scarlett Strallen: Scarlett Strallen is a British actress and singer known for her work in musical theater. She has appeared in numerous West End and Broadway productions, captivating audiences with her powerful voice and stage presence.

These individuals named Scarlett have made significant contributions to their respective fields, demonstrating talent, charisma, and dedication. Their success serves as a testament to the name’s appeal and the potential for greatness that accompanies it.

It’s worth noting that while these individuals have achieved fame and recognition, there are many other people named Scarlett who make meaningful contributions in various domains, from business and academia to art and philanthropy. Each person brings their unique talents and qualities to the name, further enriching its legacy.

Scarlett Meaning in Other Cultures and Languages

Scarlett Name Meaning in Greek

In Greek, the name Scarlett does not have a direct translation. However, the color scarlet is often associated with passion, vitality, and strength, which aligns with the vibrant nature of the name.

Scarlett Name Meaning in Italian

In Italian, the name Scarlett is translated as “Rosso,” which means “red.” It signifies the color red and the qualities associated with it, such as passion, love, and energy.

Scarlett Name Meaning in Latin

In Latin, the name Scarlett is also associated with the color red. It derives from the Latin word “scarlatum,” which refers to a bright red dye. It represents power, intensity, and courage.

Scarlett name meaning in Spanish

In Spanish, the name Scarlett maintains its original form. It is pronounced and spelled the same way, and it carries the same connotations as the color scarlet, symbolizing strength, passion, and energy.

Scarlett name meaning in Hindi

In Hindi, the name Scarlett does not have a direct translation. However, it can be transliterated as स्कारलेट (pronounced “Scarlet“), maintaining the same sound and meaning as in English.

Scarlett name meaning in Tamil

In Tamil, the name Scarlett does not have a direct translation. However, it can be transliterated as ஸ்கார்லெட் (pronounced “Scarlet“), maintaining the same sound and meaning as in English.


Is Scarlett a Bible name?

No, the name Scarlett is not specifically mentioned in the Bible. However, it can be associated with biblical symbolism and themes such as the color red and concepts of sacrifice and redemption.

What does Scarlett stand for in the Bible?

While Scarlett is not mentioned in the Bible, the color scarlet holds significance in biblical symbolism, including the scarlet thread. In the Bible, scarlet often represents themes of sin, redemption, sacrifice, and protection. It is associated with the blood of Jesus Christ and the atonement for sins.

Is Scarlett a good name?

Yes, Scarlett is considered a beautiful and strong name with a touch of elegance. It has gained popularity in recent years and is admired for its vibrant and distinctive sound. The name Scarlett evokes images of passion, vitality, and courage. Ultimately, the perception of whether a name is “good” or not is subjective, but Scarlett’s rich history and powerful imagery make it an appealing choice for many.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a name for your baby is a deeply personal decision. The name Scarlett carries a powerful and vibrant meaning. Its association with the color scarlet evokes passion, energy, and strength. Whether you are a parent considering the name Scarlett for your baby girl or an adult reflecting on the depth of your name, the significance of Scarlett transcends language and culture, making it a timeless and inspiring choice.

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