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How to Encourage Positive Sibling Relationships

Having two girls in the house, close in age, gets a little dramatic at times.  Charlotte took Adelaide’s dress-up outfit or Adelaide gave Charlotte a “look”.  Trying to get my children to be kind to each other can seem like a hopeless task.

As a mother, it frustrates me when I work so hard to teach my children how God wants us to act and then I see them acting selfishly.  In reality, we were all born selfish creatures.  We all want our way.

Speaking of which, this nature happens to grow with us into adulthood so you see it still happening among adults.

While I am trying to prevent this, I can only try my possible best to teach my children to have good relationship amongst themselves just as this article here also encourages.

I’ve had to be a little creative when it comes to teaching my kids to get along. I’ll be sharing with you how to encourage positive sibling relationships in early childhood among your kids.

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encouraging positive sibling relationships in early childhood

One of the biggest ways I’ve seen improvement is through teaching them to care for each other.

When I remind my kids to do something for the other, they are more willing to practice kindness later on.  By simply asking one child to get something that the other child needs, encourages them to be helpful.

This is expected to happen naturally and as with kids who are still in their very early formative stage, it becomes easier for them to learn and practice.

I noticed that gradually they are improving upon this and it gives me joy that as a mother my children can listen to me.

I want my kids to be there for each other.  As moms, I think we all want this.  Most first-time parents choose to have another child so that their first child will have a playmate and a friend.  Although much of this may happen apart from us, it’s important that we encourage this relationship of love and care.

When kids become a number and there is that playmate we thought we wanted, then it is only necessary to bring in teaching good relationship.

It only gets better when we start and with time, we see that progress.

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I’m currently reading Managers of Their Homes, which I highly recommend if you have multiple children. Recently, we had begun scheduling play time with our older children and youngest child. This is something that they recommend doing in the book so that the children can grow their relationship and also help Mom out at the same time.

Just about the same thing we desire. Coming across this book, I count it a blessing and sharing this story is a bigger joy as I believe some mothers and fathers reading this are out for a solution that could work for them also.

I had not given it much thought to how this was shaping our children’s relationships with each other. We didn’t realize that we were already doing this because our older children would just ask to play with Owen and of course we would say yes.

As I became more aware, I realized how beneficial this was to our family. Our girls are learning to care for their little brother and that’s a responsibility I want them to have.

That is the positive relationship already building up right there. At this pace, it starts becoming natural and then they see it as a norm. Give me that nostalgia feelings.

So, here is how we do “scheduled playtime” in our home.

Whoever finishes their chores and asks first gets to go into the gate with Owen. We use this play yard for the little ones and it’s seriously a life-saver in our home. I know that he is safe and I’m able to get my own chores done at the same time. I encourage you to check it out.

It can get a little rowdy with a three-year-old and one-year-old but it gives them the opportunity to teach Owen to be gentle. With a new baby coming, our girls know that it’s important he learns this.
All still part of them learning well to relate with each other.

So, if you struggle with getting your kids to get along, try encouraging your older ones to have playtime with the younger ones. It can be as simple as reading books or throwing a ball with each other or having a playtime in the yard.

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So, here is how we do “scheduled playtime” in our home.  Whoever finishes their chores and asks first gets to go into the gate with Owen.  We use this play yard for little ones and it’s seriously a life-saver in our home.  I know that he is safe and I’m able to get my own chores done.

Here are some easy, repetitive books that my preschoolers love to “read” to their brother:

Daddy Kisses by Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensleben

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carl

Brown Bear What Do You See by Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle

Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night? by Brianna Caplan Sayres

Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night by Brianna Caplan Sayres

I recommend these books and for my review I’d say it has much to offer for both your kids and yourself.

Another way of still improving relationships amongst your kids is your presence. Leaving them all out to just play alone may get boring at a time or get a little out of hands.

With your presence you can join in the play, manage any over doings that may arise. But more importantly they feel happier also.

Do share with me what you do, I still want to learn more. And if you did pick one or two from this piece, I hope you can share on your socials and help others also

I challenge you to pray that God would grow their relationships into something amazing and beautiful.

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