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The Benefits of Following Trim Healthy Mama During Pregnancy

Benefits of following Trim Healthy Mama if you are pregnant or planning to soon. Here are some things to know as well.

I think we would all sign up for an easier, more manageable pregnancy if it was available, am I right?

I don’t know about you, but what I eat affects how I feel.  If I eat chips, fried chicken, and candy bars, they taste great, but afterwards I feel horrible.

Being pregnant is hard enough so making healthy choices is important to me because it keeps my energy levels up and makes my body feel better. 

Trim Healthy Mama has provided me with a lifestyle that I can follow even while I’m pregnant.  I don’t always follow all of the rules but I try to stay consistent and every little bit counts towards those benefits it offers.

benefits of following trim healthy mama

Here a few benefits of following Trim Healthy Mama while pregnant:

1. Great drink recipes to keep you hydrated!

woman holding a glass of juice recipe

The THM drink recipes were what first drew me in to this lifestyle. I love that they provide healthy alternatives to drinks that I crave on a regular basis. 

When I’m pregnant (mainly in the first trimester) I have a hard time drinking water. Since I’m still nursing my little guy, it’s important for me to stay hydrated.

1.1 Here are a few of my favorite THM beverages to drink during pregnancy:

  • Good Girl Moonshine: This drink is so great to sip on all day when you are dealing with morning sickness. I personally like to make it with raspberry zinger tea like this recipe from Oh Sweet Mercy. The ginger soothes my stomach and the apple cider vinegar provides so many health benefits.
  • Singing Canary: I crave Sunny D at times and this drink is the perfect substitute. Although, the singing the canary is sugar-free and actually good for you! This is a caffeine free drink that will give you the energy you need to get through the day. (I only use 1/4 teaspoon of Vitamin C powder)

2. Protein, protein, protein

woman holding a glass of protein recipe

With each meal (even snacks), you are encouraged to have some source of protein to help keep you full and add some balance to your meal.

I tend to get more nauseous when I have an empty stomach, so staying full of protein really helps!

Also, eating protein helps keep you and your growing little one healthy throughout the pregnancy. I’ve read that protein sources like collagen and gelatin not only help prevent stretch marks (by making your skin more elastic) but they help nourish and grow the placenta.

My midwife was amazed by how healthy my placenta was when I had my first THM baby. I truly believe that this way of eating helped my body supply the nutrients that my baby needed.

3. You still get treats!


If you follow my What I Ate Wednesday series, then you probably know that I have a big sweet tooth.

The great news is that all of the treats that I make are sugar-free and packed full of wonderful ingredients.

If I have a craving, I can almost always find a THM version.

4. Less weight = less pain

letters in scrabble - burn fat

My first THM pregnancy, I only gained about half as much weight as I had with my previous two pregnancies.

Without that added weight, I had an easier time keeping up with my toddlers and more energy to get out with my family.

Weighing less and staying active during pregnancy can also help you have an easier labor, which I’m all for!

5. Drive thru Sue options:

When I did Paleo a few years ago, I ended up feeling burnt out and so tired of making everything from scratch. I wanted to be able to throw a meal together quickly.

I love that THM provides a plan that allows quick grab and go foods. For example, greek yogurt, Joseph’s lavish and pita bread ( for wraps, pizza, grilled cheese), sprouted bread (for sandwiches), cheese sticks, Wasa crackers, buffalo wings, etc. In the first few months of pregnancy, I hate to cook, so having these easy to prepare snacks and meals make it easier to stay on plan and encourage me to make wiser decisions.

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