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Getting Through the First Trimester While Following Trim Healthy Mama (14 week update)

Woo hoo! I have made it through the first trimester!

This pregnancy has been a little different from my others, mainly that the first trimester didn’t seem to be as difficult for me this time around. Yes, I did have spells of nausea and food aversions, along with serious fatigue, but thankfully it wasn’t overwhelming.

Since my sickness wasn’t that bad, I was able to stay on plan most of the time; I feel motivated to stick with Trim Healthy Mama regardless because it makes me feel so much better.

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Here are a few updates on what’s going on and some tips for getting through that first trimester while following THM:

Weight gain:

1 pound! I’ll be honest though, I feel like I’ve gained 15 pounds…


 I try to follow this video at least once a week but my goal is to do at least one active activity a day. (Like pulling weeds, playing with the kids in the yard, walking, deep cleaning) I would like to start doing the workout video at least three times a week now that I’m feeling better. Exercise can really help if you plan to have a natural birth so that’s my motivation.


Mexican food, fruit (Thankfully these foods can be THM friendly)


 For once, I have had a ton of energy during the first trimester! I’ve been decluttering and organizing closets like a crazy woman. Although, I do have moments when I just want to sleep all day. Before I was pregnant, I would get up before my kids each morning for some quiet time but I’ve had a really hard time doing that lately. Hopefully I can get back into the habit of getting up early in the second trimester.

Bad habits:

Diet soda!! Since we can’t afford to pay $8 for a six pack of Zevia I have been drinking a lot of Diet Ginger Ale. I’ve been without for almost a week now so hopefully I can kick that to the curb.

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First trimester tips:

  • Instead of snacking on saltines in the morning, try raw almonds.
  • When you feel like you can’t stomach making or eating breakfast, try a quick smoothie with a scoop of collagen for added protein. My favorite smoothie is frozen strawberries, frozen mango, 1/4 frozen banana, plain greek yogurt, sweetener, collagen, and almond milk.
  • Take a Quest bar with you everywhere you go. I do wish that I would have gotten a variety pack of Quest bars because sometimes chocolate peanut butter didn’t sound good to me.
  • Stay hydrated! I mentioned in my previous post, that it’s hard for me to drink water in the first trimester but GGMS is amazing during those first few months of pregnancy!
  • Keep dinners simple and meal plan for meals that your husband can help out with. For me, keeping the meals super easy was key to actually getting dinner on the table. Some examples are, grilled chicken or burgers (that my husband can grill) with a side of vegetables, taco salad, soup, dream fields pasta
  • Make wise decisions when eating out. I’ll admit that when I’m pregnant we eat out way too much. It’s tempting to get that burger and fries that I always regret later. An off-plan meal like that can make you feel horrible afterwards, so it’s best to just stick with the plan. Get a burger and eat it on some lavish bread. Make sweet potato fries and enjoy a tasty crossover! Another favorite is Japanese take out steak without teriyaki sauce. I give the white rice to my husband and make some brown rice in the microwave for me.
  • Eat crossovers! Before I got pregnant, I was strictly eating E meals and S meals, no FP meals unless it was a snack and definitely no crossovers. Now that I’m pregnant and still nursing my one year old, it’s really important that I do eat crossovers. I know that I’m not going to lose weight and that’s not my goal. My goal is for me to not gain too much weight.I hope this helps you through your THM journey whether you are pregnant or not!

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