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To the Grumpy Mom – how to stop being an angry mom

You know those mornings when you just want to keep sleeping.

You are not ready to deal with your kids arguing and demanding breakfast.

It seems like everyone is out trying to drive you crazy. You really wanna learn how to stop being an angry mom.

It’s like they are saying, “Hey, I wonder how crazy we can make mom this morning?”. This morning was one of such.

Now that I’m 24 weeks pregnant, I tend to get irritated and stressed very easily. The smallest thing can make me lose my marbles.

One of my biggest obstacles is getting dressed in the morning. I’ve written before about my issues with body image and finding contentment with my growing body.

Being pregnant, my clothes are getting tighter which means getting dressed each morning usually ends in me complaining and feeling uncomfortable. This causes me to take my stress out on everyone.

I’ve found that when my morning starts this way I must try to turn it around quickly. Any effort I put into making the day better is worth it.

Here are a few things that helped me start over this morning when I was frustrated with my frizzy hair, tight clothes, and a frown on my face.

how to stop being an angry mom or grumpy

tips to help on how to stop being an angry mom or grumpy

1. Pray for wisdom

God is Faithful

I went off alone for a few minutes and prayed that God would change my attitude. I prayed that He would give me the wisdom to deal with my children in the right way. That I would be consistent with disciplining them but also remember to show them my love for them. 

I began to think, when I serve my family with a grumpy attitude what is that saying to my children about serving others? Do I do it because I have to or because I want to?

I also prayed that God would give me peace as I struggle with my growing body. I thank Him for this precious boy that depends on me to provide nutrition for his little body to be strong.

I prayed that God would help me overcome comparing myself to others. That I would remember it’s not what is on the outside that makes me beautiful but it’s more about who I am in the inside.

2. Be encouraged on Facebook? Yes, Facebook

cut flower depicting trim - trim healthy mama

I get up early before my kids and have my Bible time each morning. Although, sometimes I need to be reminded of God’s love and purpose for me throughout the day. Even 10 minutes after a really great study and time with the Lord, I can still fall into the temptation of grumpiness and frustration.

As much as I hate Facebook at times, I’ve also found it extremely encouraging. I try to only follow people that I know will fill me with the Truth.  I tend to share a lot of inspiring quotes and scripture. The reason is because if it has spoken to my heart then, my hope is that it also encourages you. I want to share the joy and contentment found in following Christ.

Sometimes, God uses others blog posts or quotes to speak to my heart in times of stress. It’s like a simple reminder that everything will be okay.

3. I cuddle my husband

woman cuddling husband hand

When I’m upset and grumpy my husband suffers as well. Since he does work from home, he is always here to witness my bad moments. This is a good thing and a really bad thing at times. Sometimes he tries to be helpful by suggesting that I need to do this or that to get the kids to listen. But really that just aggravates me even more and starts conflict with him.

I’ve learned that if I go out of my way to cuddle up with him for a few minutes, then it motivates us to try to understand each other better. To remember that we are in this together and we are to parent together. It’s not me vs. him. By taking the time to give him a hug or fix him some breakfast, it helps me appreciate that he is here instead of becoming annoyed by his constant suggestions.

4. Do something for yourself

bible coffee candle

Go take a shower or find something for your kids to work on so that you can just have a moment alone. For me, I lay my little guy down for a morning nap, do some school work with the girls, and then I turn on the TV or let them play the with the iPad.

Now, before you judge, my girls earn these rewards for doing their morning chores and you can read more about that here.  This time gives me a moment to sit and relax or write out my thoughts like I am right now.

When I take the moment to think about what’s really important and what truly needs my attention, my attitude begins to change. So, when you are stressed, light a candle and sit down with a cup of coffee. Give yourself permission to rest even if only for a few minutes.

5. Learn to say nothing in times of stress

ripple of water meaning peace and silence

If you have never read Karen Ehman’s Keep It Shut, then go get it right away. Especially if you struggle with speaking before thinking. As Christians, we want to honor God with our speech but sometimes we forget that we want this. Instead,  we focus on our own selfishness and how we can’t have our way.  We then take it out on everyone around us and our family suffers.

“Our words should glorify God and not just exhaust our own opinions.”

Karen Ehman

I’ve learned that if I can practice self-control by simply not saying anything in times of frustration, then I can take a moment, come back and handle it in a more godly way. When my children do something wrong and they have that mischievous look on their face, I want to lose it. I want to yell, scream and throw a fist, but what does that teach them? I must take a second, pray for self-control, and ask God for wisdom.

As moms, we will all have times when we lose control but let’s focus on how we can avoid the triggers that make us so easily angered. I pray that we would be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. (James 1:19)

If you struggle with losing it like me, then try these 5 things today on how to stop being an angry mom and work on becoming a mom that enjoys her kids and her husband. Laugh with them, play with them and love being with them.

They are your people that God has given you to do life with!

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