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My Household and Personal Goals for the New Year

Happy New Year!  I wanted to share with you some of my household and personal goals for the year!

So, here are some short term and long terms household and personal goals that we have for this year 2022 as a family and as parents. Get your pen for some ideas:

personal goals template writing

Get serious about our budget:

I made this binder to help keep up with our expenses this year.  In the past, I have tried to do a household binder but it becomes so overwhelming that I give up.

I’m at the point that I have my cleaning schedule and meal planning under control, so I really want to focus on budgeting this year.  Also, we live off of one irregular income, so budgeting has always been extremely difficult for us.

We have made a list of our expenses (most important to least important) and we are going to set aside money for the important things first. 

Then, depending on how much money we have left after that, we will decide on amounts for fun money and eating out (we realize that if it’s a slow month then we will have to sacrifice our fun money).

I would also like for my husband and I to have weekly budget meetings, just to make sure that we are on the same page.


This kind of goes along with our budget plan, but instead of thinking of what I can buy with my fun money each month, I really want to focus on being happy and content with what I already have.

Like I said before, I really want us to stop spending money that we do not have.

Once a month grocery shopping:

Jamerrill from Free Homeschool Deals, has really motivated me to try once a month grocery shopping.  She has a large family and makes it work, so I’m really excited to try it.

I feel like this would give me more time to work on freezer meals while saving money at the same time. We will see how it goes!

Memorizing scriptures:

My goal is to memorize at least 2 verses each month and try to involve my kids in this as well.

Many times I feel angry or upset and I wish that I had a verse to meditate on in that moment, so this is such an important goal for me this year.

If you want to join me, please let me know in the comments!

Read at least one book a month:

I love reading but I need to be more wise with my time and finish the books that I start.

I’m currently reading Money-Making Mom: How Every Woman Can Earn More and Make a Difference and it’s wonderful!  I’m actually having a hard time putting it down…

Family fun night:

We are together as a family all of the time, but I would like to focus on being more intentional with our time.

Whether it’s playing a board game or doing some sort of team building activity, I think it’s important to set aside time to grow closer to each other.

Potty train Adelaide:

She is almost three and I think that she is finally ready.  I have been avoiding it because she gets so upset when she fails and it breaks my heart.

**Update**: We started on January 1st and she has been doing great!

Chore packs:

I plan to use this idea that Courtney from Women Living Well, posted on chore packs.

Now that Charlotte is four, it’s time for her to have more responsibility around the house.  Plus, we have a $10 off coupon for Staples that I can use for the lanyards!

Research homeschool curriculum:

My husband and I need to discuss and research what we plan to do for our first year of homeschool.  I’m still not sure when we are going to start, but I know that we need to start planning.

If you have any advice or recommended curriculum, please let me know in the comments.

My blog:

I hope to continue growing my blog. Community is so important to me and I pray that I can really find a way to connect with my readers.

These are just a few goals that I have for this year.  Of course, like every year I pray that I would grow closer to God and become the woman that he has created me to be.

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