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Why My Diet is No Longer About Losing Weight

It’s 8 pm and you just put the kids to bed.  It’s the first moment that you have had to yourself all day, so you curl up on the couch with junk food and watch a show a Netflix.  You get so into the show that you forget about the horrible day that you had playing referee with your children ALL day.  Sound familiar?

As moms, it’s easy to let these bad habits become our normal routine after the kids are in bed.  We turn to food to comfort us after the crazy day that we have had.  We get lost in a show and try to forget that we yelled at our kids way too much that day.  It’s an easy trap to fall into.  I’ve been there.

As silly as it sounds, Satan can use food to distract us from living the life that Christ has planned for us.  We rely on sweet or salty treats to take away the frustration of the day, and maybe start searching for as means to losing weight..

This was my life day after day until I started my Trim Healthy Mama journey.  At first, I wanted losing weight and I wanted to lose it fast.  I felt guilty for always eating “bad” foods.  I wanted my clothes to fit better.  I wanted to have more self esteem.

I never knew that this would be a LONG process, but I also never knew what I would learn along the way.

My journey beyond losing weight

woman holding a tape around her belly - losing weight

So here’s my story:

I have been pregnant or nursing for almost 5 years and I just can’t seem to lose all of the baby weight (I have a hard time losing weight while nursing).

In April of 2015, I started to get more serious about my my sugar/carb addiction and it’s one of the best decisions that I have made regarding my health. Of course I wanted to lose weight but I really wanted to focus on the addiction and growing closer to God through the process.

I have always done really well with eating healthy, but my sugar cravings were out of control.  I craved something sweet after every “healthy” meal.  I found myself constantly thinking that it was okay for me to have ice cream or brownies because I ate a “good” lunch, like a salad.

 Friends, grading our eating habits by “good” or “bad” is an endless cycle that will never stop unless you do something about it.

I want to encourage you to really commit to eating healthy this year.  It does not mean that you will miss out on tasty treats, but instead try making your favorite treats healthier.  For example, if you love peanut butter cups, make them at home and use a sugar-free sweetener. My favorite recipe is from The Humbled Homemaker and they are delicious! Click here for the recipe

It’s all about getting creative in the kitchen and finding those recipes that you really love.  It is possible to live a life free from sugar and once you get to that point, you will feel so great physically and emotionally.  I know it sounds silly to refer to sugar as an addiction but I have seen it in my own life.

“Being ruled by something other than God diminishes our commitment and will make us feel increasingly distant from Him. Being ruled by anything other than God is something that God takes quite seriously. And so should I.” – Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food.

Lysa Terkeurst

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While a diet or a healthy eating plan can help with sugar addiction and bad habits, it’s so important that our way of eating never becomes the most important to us.

We were created for so much more other than eating.  When we let our diets and ideal body image consume our thoughts, it distracts us from our true calling.  For me, I’m called to be a mom to my three children and if I’m constantly complaining about my weight or how my clothes don’t fit, what example is that setting for them?

We should take care of the body that God has given us but it should never further us from His will for our life. God has a special plan for each of us and Satan wants to draw us away from that plan.  We have to choose to overcome temptation even with our food choices.

Our bodies will never be perfect, so I want to encourage you to let go of that idea and to rely on God for strength.  To find REAL joy and contentment through Him.  To focus more on drawing closer to Christ, instead of obsessing over your body.

So, instead of making a New Year’s resolution to lose 15 pounds, make a commitment to really put God first and to take care of the body He has given you by making wise choices.

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