empty room with tools lying around for a fixer upper

Our Hearts are a Fixer Upper

Each night I look forward to putting my kids to bed and crawling under the covers to watch my favorite television show. I’m able to turn my brain off from all of the thoughts from the day and just relax (before I have to tell my sweet children to get back in bed for the 100th time).Like most people, I love to watch the HGTV show, Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna Gaines are a talented Texan couple that I consider to be a real power couple. Chip handles the construction side of remodeling and Joanna works her magic with the design.Each episode, we watch this sweet couple transform worn out, broken homes into something beautiful. This show often reminds me of how God turns our broken and sinful hearts into something amazing, made to glorify Him.

Breaking Down the Walls

empty room with tools lying around for a fixer upper

One of the biggest transformations in the houses that they flip is when the walls are torn down to create a big open space. By doing this, the house is made roomy and opened up so that the family can be together in one space, instead of wandering throughout several separate rooms.

This concept makes me think about how God wants to break down the walls in our lives. We all have barriers that are keeping us from being close to Him. It’s our selfishness and sin that keeps us distant from the love that God has to offer. When we struggle with sin, we tend to turn to a friend or family member instead of first falling on our knees and asking God to help us.

Communicating with God through prayer, and reading His Word, is what will keep our hearts close to Him. Instead of aimlessly searching for what the world has to offer, we will find Him knocking on the door of our hearts asking to come in. We should accept him with  humility in our parenting.

We’ve Got to Have Faith

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My husband and I love to watch Fixer Upper together because Joanna and Chip show an excellent example of what marriage should be. Sure, I don’t know them personally, and it could all be for the camera, but I believe that they are genuine people.

Anyway, many times while watching the show, I will see the potential for a particular house, but my husband doesn’t. We have different opinions because I get into the remodeling and design aspects way more than my husband. He sees a great space and a good sturdy home, which to him is the best option. But I always want the couple to choose the worn down, old house barely standing because of the character and history.

The couple shopping for a new home have expectations and dreams far greater than the house that Chip and Joanna show them. These couples have to have faith that it will look completely transformed, new and tailored to their style. They place an enormous amount of trust and belief in the hands of the Gaines couple.

My children often ask why we can’t see God, and it all comes down to faith. Being a Christian means believing that God is there with us even when we can’t see Him.

We can’t see what God is doing in our hearts, but we can trust Him and His plan for us. I guarantee that our Lord will exceed our expectations and plans for ourselves. We must be willing to lay it all down to Him and just trust.

Age and Character

tree in front of a house-character and age

Like I mentioned before, I love the old homes that are barely standing because they are usually full of unique qualities that you don’t see in homes today.

We live in a culture that views growing older as a bad thing. Even though we may not like how we look in the mirror, we can strive to increase in wisdom. When we open our hearts to what God is teaching us, we can pass on this knowledge to those younger (age wise or spiritual wise) than us.

I encourage you to allow God to transform your heart. It will change the way you think, talk, and interact with those around you. I pray that you break down the walls that are keeping you from a closeness with God. Seek to be near to Him and trust that His plans are so much greater than our own.

How has God recently changed your heart? Are you a new believer or has He revealed Himself to you in some way? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section!

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