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Using the Experience of a Drug Free Childbirth to Grow Your Faith

Did you know that women who have a fear for childbirth tend to spend more time in labor? Of course, this is something we all want to avoid because of the pain and discomfort that comes with having a baby.  

A longer time labor will raise the possibility for an intervention or a cesarean section (CS) delivery.

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After experiencing two drug free childbirths, I’ll be honest and say it’s easy to be afraid, especially when you know what to expect. Going through the intensive work of labor and then pushing the baby out isn’t exactly an enjoyable experience.  Rewarding? Yes.  Fun? No way!  As I get closer to my due date, the anxiety and fear creep in.

I’m afraid of something going wrong.
I’m afraid of things not going as planned.
I’m afraid of not making it to the hospital in time.
I’m afraid to be away from my other children.

While I have all of these fears, I’ve learned that I must change my focus from fear to faith.

God is Faithful

I have faith that God’s plan trumps my plan.
I have faith that God created my body to know what to do.
I have faith that God will provide a family member or caretaker for my children when I need to go to the hospital.

When I submit to Christ’s plan for the birth of my child and ultimately His plan for my life, I find peace.  Which is something we all long whether we are in labor or not.  When we go through trials we must always remember that God is with us.  He sees us and He has a purpose for our pain. 

So when the job gets tough and I feel like I can’t go on any longer, I will remember to pray.

I will pray for strength and endurance to get through each contraction.  Along with the sweet baby that is about to make his appearance into this world.

I hope to be aware that my husband has to see me suffer and that God would also give him strength.  And I’m sure that my mind will wander about how my other little ones will adjust to someone else needing mommy’s attention. As I’m climbing that mountain of childbirth, my desire is to not focus so much on the pain but the fact that I have faith and endurance to get to the top.  I have a Savior that I can rely on to get me through another birth.

mom holding her new born about her arms - a drug free childbirth

Here are a few ways that I plan to stay focused on Christ during my (hopefully) third drug free birth:


I’ve never used music as a distraction before and it’s something that I really want to try this time.

The drummer girl in me believes I can try to focus on the beat and intensity of the songs to take my mind somewhere else.

Essential Oils that can be helpful for Labor

essential oils for pregnancy labor contraction

1. Clary sage for labor

Clary sage: Helps encourage labor and strengthens contractions. Clary sage essential oil is a natural uterotonic that can trigger the uterus to contract. You need this so much when you decide for a drug free childbirth where contractions is the major process for child birth. An additional benefit of clary sage oil, though outside of childbirth, is its effect in easing period pain and some symptoms if menopause. That’s a plus you know.

How to use clary sage essential oil

Here is how to use clary sage oil for labor

Skin: Ideally, before using any essential oil on your skin, you are advised to dilute the oil in a carrier oil such as coconut oil. Make sure you read the label of the clary sage package if it has already been diluted. Still advisable to dilute further for safety.

Aromatherapy: You can also use clary sage oil by aromatherapy where you add 2 – 3 drops of the oil to water and use a diffuser or an essential oil burner. You inhale it this way. An additional benefit of this method is that it can help to fight bacteria and other germs in the air. What you need this period is just that clean environment.

Oral: you can also take clary sage oil orally by adding 1 to 2 drops of 100% essential oil to beverages like tea or smoothies, or even food. The Natural Standard Herb and Supplement Guide recommends that 25-50 mls (or 1/2 to 1 drop) be taken orally once to thrice daily.

2. Lavender Essential Oil

avender Oil: Calming. Lavender oil is another essential oil that can be helpful in this period. It helps improve sleep and ease insomnia. Lavender oil can help you relax and remain calm while in labor. And guess what? Even after delivery you can still safely use lavender oil to help you sleep. While other sleep medications causes grogginess and other side effects, lavender essential oil is devoid of that and is completely safe.

How to use Lavender Oil for sleep

Be sure to dilute your lavender essential oil in a carrier oil like coconut oil first before applying. You can apply lavender oil to the sole of your feet, your wrists, palms, back of your ear. You can also add a few drops to your pillowcase. This allows the scent to keep you through your sleep time.

3. Deep Blue Essential Oil

Deep Blue: For back labor and after birth cramps (I use this one very sparingly because it has peppermint oil in it and some say that can mess with your milk supply)

4. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang: Helps to keep calm, reduces stress and aid sleep

I want to keep the oils simple and down to a minimum.  If you have a doula then it will be easier to use more oils because she can keep up with where they are and how they are to be used.

I hope this helps and encourages you if you are expecting!

Reasons to have a natural birth

natural childbirth experience

I feel to share some reasons to have a natural birth and also tips to help you get through if you also choose to have a drug free childbirth.

According to an article from The Journal of Perinatal Education published on NCBI U.S National Library of Medicine, answers this from a perspective of nature’s plan. It says, when women are supported and able to find comfort, say in a purpose or family member, they are able to utilize that inherent capability to give birth naturally without intervention and without experiencing “pain.”

Usually women are more worried of the pain they may experience but it is actually the most valuable experience of a childbirth. This pain comes naturally from the responses of your brain to the contractions that goes on just about time for labor. At the last month of pregnancy, the cervix becomes softened and contractions begins right from the uterus.

The baby begins to move to the pelvis and the contraction increases, For every contraction, a signal is sent to the brain and a hormone, oxytoxin, commonly referred as the love hormone, is released and helps stimulates the contraction further. The more the contractions, the more the release and the harder the contraction continues – all to allow for a successful childbirth.

This whole process makes the pain that comes with natural childbirth such a precious value that you desire your baby even more and more. Maybe its still the effect of the ‘love’ hormone.

Nature has its way of facilitating childbirth for every woman through this pain she experiences. The pain also guides the woman in labor to take certain positions that helps her respond in a progressive way till she births her baby.

But when this pain is removed entirely by drugs or any interventions, the feed back system to the brain is disrupted and labor can be slowed down and in a less efficient way.

At the very least, the presence of family, friends and healthcare givers goes a long way to encourage and give that woman a feel of power that she can overcome labor and get through successfully.

In the end, to answer the very question of reasons to have a natural birth, you have to find the strength from within to really give you the answer. Nature is beautiful and it has already set the motion to let things work efficiently, just naturally.

All you need is that courage, strength and confidence that you can enjoy nature at its very best challenge.

So say you have made that decision or still contemplating on a choice, here are also more tips to help you on the process

1. Calm your mind

When you decide to tell your family and friends, there may be opposing opinions as to why you shouldn’t have a drug-free birth. All what you may hear may trigger your mind not to be at ease. But there and then is where you need your mind the most and you need a real calm mind for sure. Definitely there will be that one who will stand by you and maybe with time others can see from your perspective and respect your choice. That encouragement will for sure go a long way.

2. Get childbirth education

You will need to get education from childbirth educators who are ready to teach and help you on what to expect. They are well experienced to be able to tell you what to expect, how to manage it and also give those words of courage you need. Go to your local hospital and get registered for a childbirth class. There are several aspects of the class you should expect including, how to push properly, stages of labor, breathing exercises, and more.

3. Prepare your body

This is similar to calming your mind. When you get your mind prepared on what to expect it becomes a walk in the park when it comes through, same with your body.

Part of the preparation includes exercising, eating healthy, avoiding some harmful foods and medication. This and more are what you get to learn further from your childbirth class. Here is what you can expect through the first trimester

There are videos for exercises you can also look for that are helpful. Some of theses exercise to prepare your body include labor squats and core strengthening for pushing.

There is also what where you have to be content with your body during and after pregnancy. It is only natural to experience the phase

4. Get a health care provider that will be available

while childbirth educators are much of a facilitator to put you through till your due date, at the very D-Day it is advisable you have a pro-drug-free childbirth healthcare giver, say a midwife that really supports drug-free birth. While already taking the other tips can get your mind and body prepared well enough, a wonderful midwife can still serve a handful.

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