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Lydia’s Birth Story: A Lesson in Patience & a Big Surprise

I have never prayed for pain like I did in these long, tiring hours.  The exhaustion and discouragement that I felt was overwhelming. Here is my birth story.

My Midwife suggested that we start a small amount of pitocin to remind my body what it needed to do.  I was angry when they hooked me up to all of the monitors.  Being free to move through the contractions was extremely important to me.  I hated the feeling of being tied down to the bed.

The labor that I wanted seemed to be fading away – my birth story

I was upset but my husband gently reminded me not to focus on all of the machines.  I would stress out every time the fetal monitor would move and we would lose the baby’s heart rate.  He reminded me that God was in control and that I didn’t need to worry about it so much.  I needed to focus on having the baby.

Within an hour, our baby was here.  Now that the pain is over, I can see how God blessed me through this time. 

I had planned to have this baby in the hospital closest to our home because I wanted to be close to my family.  I also thought this would be a fast labor (never, ever think this…).

When my Dr. moved away, I was around 30 weeks and I had decided that I needed to go back to the office that I went to with my previous pregnancies.  The drive was about 30-35 minutes away and the waiting time was much longer, but I’m so glad that I made this decision.

Out of the 4 Midwives at this practice, I was blessed to have the one that I know and trust the most to be with me by my side.  This sweet lady was with me for my other 2 natural births and she knew what I wanted.  I’m so grateful that God answered this prayer and allowed me to have her with me once again.

Through this my birth story, God definitely taught me a lesson in patience.  When I stopped gripping and complaining, I could truly focus on Him.  By taking a look at what He was teaching me in the moment, I became less frustrated and more focused. 

My husband and I listened to worship music the whole time.  I honestly can say that the music helped me through this labor.  By focusing on the powerful lyrics of songs like Oceans by Hillsong and Our God by Chris Tomlin encouraged me to keep going.  To realize I needed my Savior through each second of the experience.

When the baby was born, we were so surprised to have a baby GIRL!  At the 20 week ultrasound, the Dr. that I was seeing at time had told us that we were expecting a boy.

Up until that point, I was convinced that I was having another girl.  Even after being told it was a boy, I had my doubts.

mother holding baby feet - birth story

My husband and I are still in shock that baby Lincoln is actually baby Lydia.  We were so prepared for another boy.  Custom made nursery bedding, baby boy clothes neatly organized in the drawers, and a precious personalized coming home outfit were a few of the many boyish things we had.

We made it work by using the same coming home outfit but adding a girly headband (instead of the personalized hat) and some ruffled leggings.

My husband and I joke about the fact that we always HAVE to find out the gender because not knowing would drive me crazy.  I need to be prepared and organized for this new baby before they get here.

God reminded me that we will never be prepared for parenthood.  No matter how many kids we have and whether they are a boy or girl.  We will always be surprised by motherhood. 

Things won’t go as planned.  We will have really good days and really bad days.  What is important is that we depend on Him through our journey.  That as we parent our children we would be reminded of the grace He has given us.  That we would be determined to teach our children the Gospel.

If you are expecting, I encourage you to be patient and trust God to bring your little one into this world. Their is nothing wrong with being induced or getting the epidural, but it’s so powerful to experience God in this amazing way.  God sets us free from our pain.

When we feel like we can’t go on, He gives us strength to keep going.  Both when labor isn’t happening the way we imagined as well as when you are experiencing the full amount of agony that comes with a drug free birth,  trust Him and the work He is doing through you.

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