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Yes, I’m Pregnant Again (why we keep having babies)

Have you ever felt ashamed to announce your pregnancy?

This isn’t something that I want to admit, but I have. When I see a positive on the pregnancy test, my first thoughts are: “What are people going to say?”, “Are they going to think that we are irresponsible for bringing another child into this messed up world?”, “Do they think we are crazy?”pregnancy kit

I’ve realized that yes, some people will think that my husband and I have straight up lost our minds. We live in a culture that view children as burdens, or at the very least, as distractions and inconveniences.

That’s the opposite about us.

We believe that children are important, that having a godly family (large or small) and ministering within it is something that all Christians are called to!

Our goals are not to be the next Duggar or Bates family and have our own reality TV show. Our desire for a large family is so much more than imitating other big families, it’s a calling. (I just want to make it clear that I feel like the Duggars/Bates also believe having a large family is a calling and I highly respect them for that!).

My point is that we are not trying to be like anyone else but we have a strong desire to have a large family.

The thought of having double-digit numbers of kids frightens my husband and I, but we have chosen to take it one at a time, and we are (sometimes hesitantly) willing to trust God with however many children He chooses to give us.

While we do enjoy children, we aren’t necessarily trying to have a huge family and sometimes the thought of adding another child can seem scary.

Sometimes we feel like we just can’t handle another baby, but we realize that we must trust God and His plan for our family. That little one has a purpose and God has brought it into the world for a reason.

Why should I let my fears stop Gods plan? Finances, clothing, and food expenses can seem overwhelming but my husband and I rest assured knowing that the Lord will provide.

We are eager to take on the responsibilities that are given to us and we pray that we would simply honor God with our family.

So why do we keep having kids?

three children sitting together and smiling

We live a simple life

I’m a stay-at-home mom and my husband works from home.

Most people wake up, get their kids dressed, and are in a rush to get out the door by a certain time each morning. Our life isn’t like that. We take things slow in the mornings.

Our kids wake up, we make breakfast together, we eat, and sometimes my kids don’t get out of their pajamas until 10 am.

Since we do stay at home, we do not have most expenses that other people have like: daycare, disposable diapers, two cars, etc. We also choose to live in a small home even though we are about to have four children. We try to work with with what we have.

I actually enjoy being in a small home because that means less to clean and we get to be close together. I always know what my children are doing and if they are staying safe which is so important when you have multiple little ones.

I believe that keeping the home clutter-free is also key to having lots of children. Keeping toys and clothing to a minimal really makes me happier and it makes our home easier to manage. I want our kids to love each other more than materialistic things.

We believe family is important

a family meeting another family

We all have different backgrounds. Some of us grew up in a godly home with parents that truly sought the Lord through their parenting journey.

Others came from a broken or abusive home. Or maybe your home looked godly and right on the outside but inside it was full of conflict and selfishness.

No matter what kind of home you grew up in, we all have our habits (good or bad) that started in the home at an early age.

My husband and I are passionate about raising our family to love God and love each other. We hope to form relationships with our children that will last a lifetime. We also encourage our little ones to start helping out and serve each other even when they are young.

Although, so much more goes into raising children than just teaching them to love and serve. They can’t just be told what to do, they need to know why they do it.

Proverbs 22:6 says:

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6

This is our role as parents. We can’t expect our children to learn about living a life that honors God if we rely only on church leaders and teachers to teach them everything.

It’s our responsibility and it’s not one to take lightly. Taking the time to correct behavior and teach my children what God says about their actions is worth it.

While it’s easier to turn on the TV and totally zone out to your children, we are called to train them, to love them and teach them to obey God’s commands.

As parents, this is one reason why we have chosen to remain close as a family. We love watching our children learn about Christ and His love for them, so adding one more little one is a privilege because it’s means that we get another opportunity to train up a child to love the Lord.

We enjoy our kids!

kid covered with colour paint

Have you ever just sat and watched your kids, in awe of the sparks of imagination and creativity that they have? It’s amazing what they come up with!

I love seeing the pictures my four-year-old draws or the play dough creations that my three-year-old has made. It’s a joy to see them get better at any task. Not only do they encourage me to think outside of the box, they also encourage deeper and more godly thoughts.

It’s important to me to acknowledge how much me and my husband have learned from our children. My children inspired me to start this blog and surprising I’m learning from them each day. It’s amazing how God can use these little ones to show us how wonderful His grace and love is for us.

Our home is far from perfect and I would never want to paint the picture that we live a stress-free life with obedient children, home-cooked meals, and a spotless home. The truth is that our life is messy and overwhelming at times, but I’ve learned that I am so blessed. These children bring joy to my life and even though my job isn’t easy, it’s so rewarding.

Anyone that is a parent understands that you can’t imagine your life without your child. This is how my husband and I feel each time we bring a new baby into our home. We suddenly forget what life was like with just one or two children, it becomes the new normal.

Sometimes we don’t feel like we have enough hands to take care of everyone, but that is a great feeling. It reminds us how blessed we really are. We are not trying to break any record or compete with anyone, we just love children and want to serve God through our family.

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